3 Great Tips For Marquee Hire In Melbourne

You can easily find marquee hire in Melbourne for various special occasions. However, to get the most suited tent for your event, you need to consider a few things. Some of the aspects that you might want to keep in mind may include the following.

Marquee costs

The costs of hiring a marquee vary depending on several factors such as its size, material and design including the prerogative of the supplier. Marquees generally cost around $520 to $2,800 but the amount could vary depending on the mentioned factors. Small tents for drink dispensers or food stations and souvenir, you can hire a marquee that costs $121. The rental fees already include delivery, set up, dismantling and collection of tent. For additional accessories such as lighting, lining, flooring, stage and others, you have to communicate this to the service provider to determine if they offer the service and how much would the additional charge would be. To get a budget idea ask for cost estimates from different contractors.

Marquee size 

To find out your size requirement for the marquee hire in Melbourne, determine the number of your intended guests. Aside from the guests, consider the other items and equipment that you will place inside the marquee such as the tables and chairs, the dance floor, table for food serving, space for bar and drinks and similar aspects. Make it a point to include extra tables and chairs for unexpected guests.

Tips in hiring a marquee

Search for a supplier of party needs in your area and request for a cost estimate. Provide the necessary information for the supplier to deliver an accurate and fair quote for you. Some suppliers would offer to conduct site inspection or check the venue without any payment obligation on your part. Expert party suppliers and installers would offer suggestions on which marquee is most suitable for the occasion considering the available space and your other requirements. After the site inspection, the supplier ofmarquee hire in Melbourne will send you a cost estimate. If the quote is amenable to you, you can then proceed to booking the tent for the event.