5-Year Old Files Complaint To Stop Noise Pollution Of Trains

The sound of a train that is speeding at 100 kph is 85 decibels. According to World Health Organization, prolonged exposure to 80 decibels and more can result into a variety of health problems like fatigue, poor performance, pain and hormonal imbalance. It is therefore not surprising why many residents are asking how to reduce train horn noise including the vibrations every time a train passes by.

In New Delhi, a 5-year old filed a complaint regarding the noise pollution from the operation of Delhi Metro trains. The complaint prompted the National Green Tribunal to require Delhi Metro Rail Corporation to strictly adhere to environmental norms.

The bench that was headed by Justice Swatanter Kumar, chairperson of NGT directed the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) to ensure that they comply with prescribed limits. The Delhi Pollution Control Committee was also directed to make sure that noise pollution is not created by its activities including constructions and operations.

The NGT heard the plea that was filed by Rohini student Samriddhi Goswami through her father Rakesh Goswami asking for the shift of Rohini Sectors 18-19 metro stations to a more suitable site because the noise levels reached more than 85 decibels. In the plea of the girl child that was filed through associates Salik Shafique and Kahul Khurana she asked for the installation of sound barriers around Rohini Sector 18 metro station in West Delhi. They also sought for compensation due to the trauma caused by construction and the trial of the metro rail and station.

Several complaints were made by the applicant through her father but the Delta Metro disposed of the complaint with remarks that the grievance cannot be resolved to satisfy the customer. According to Environmental Impact Assessment Report of metro stations, noise pollution may not directly affect health but it can lead to sleep disorders, stress, high blood pressure and anxiety.

For those living near metro rail train systems, their obvious question is how to reduce train horn noise to avoid being disturbed. The sounds made by train horns vary from high to low pitch to warn pedestrians of incoming trains so that blocking the noise can be a big problem.