A Review On Ismail Shariff’sImprima Canvas Art Printing Gallery

Wildlife photographers have been portrayed to have epic lives, such as the wildlife photographer from the movie “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”. However, Ismail Shariff, an Indian wildlife photographer, claims that he takes up only one or two wildlife expeditions a year and spends the rest of his time in his crib, Imprima. This studio is not like any other photo studio as it embraces an altogether different ideology. It uses urban-themes to spice up the interiors. More specifically, it uses a red wall to break the monotony of blue and white. And places a large metallic table at the center of the room. This is where IsmalShariff sits down with other artists and friends to scrutinize pieces of canvas art print.

When Ismail started his studio, he told his friend, an interior designer by the name of Sona Reddy, that he wanted to do something different, and asked her to give him the “different” environment. She obliged him and came up with interior designs that had elements both rustic and urban in nature. His idea was initially to adorn the walls with pictures of wildlife, but the idea had failed since in his studio worked primarily as a fine art and canvas art print studio.

He is proud of his studio, claiming that there are only 16 such studios in the entire country. Having set up the studio in 2012, he wanted this to be a place where he could spend countless hours undisturbed and also rejuvenated enough to continue with his work. Hence apart from the interior décor that Sona managed to whip up, he also added a few cameras he found at a Sunday bazaar. He also added a few hourglasses to give it an even more rustic feel.

When he started, he merely wanted to showcase his art work, and he thus began to print out his pieces of art and place them on display for the rest of the world to see, as he printed his work on canvases and metallic paper and a variety of other types of paper. His business soon started to pick up pace though, with his first client, AmbareeshPittie, and since then, he has had only good luck and a fortunate turn of events.