Advantages Of Booking At Luxury Resort And Spa In Phuket During Low Season

While budget is an important element in a vacation, it should not deter you from enjoying the comforts that a luxury resort and spa in Phuket can offer. Even if you have the money for it, travellers in general would always look for ways to minimize their holiday expenses. To do that, one of the best ways is to book your tickets and hotel accommodations during low season. Here are some tips:

  • Before booking your tickets, find out when the low season is of your target country of destination. For instance in Thailand, although they generally have high tourist volume all year round, they consider May to October as their low season. It is from November to February that they consider as their tourist season or the months when they have the most tourists coming in as it is winter season in North America.
  • During low season, hotels and beach resorts are constantly in discount wars to encourage guests to book with them. If you have tight budget but wants to stay in a luxury resort and spa in Phuket, the low season could be the perfect time for you to travel. Tickets are generally low, activity rates are way lower and hotel rats are discounted.
  • Ask anyone who visited Thailand during low season and they would tell you how they enjoyed quitter hotels with less crowd along the beaches.
  • It is also easier to book for domestic flights, buses and local transportations.
  • A lot of local festivals are held during the low season in Thailand. One of the most prestigious festivals during the season is Songkaran or Buddhist Lent. You can experience the festival better with fewer tourists around.
  • You can better enjoy resort facilities such as swimming pools, fitness centres and bars. Food orders from the restaurant of luxury resort and spa in Phuket are delivered faster too. Also, you can easily book a spa treatment since there are less hotel guests to serve.
  • Because of the rainy season, you can enjoy greenery and verdant gardens around the resort.