Ai Apps Created In Partnership With An International Law Firm

An AI application is now being created by the partnership between Neota Logic, the software company, and the Faculty of Law from UTS or University of Technology Sweden and Allens. The application can be accessed online and its aim is to assist people with their legal issues.

The AI apps will be termed as Allens Neota UTS Law Tech Challenge for Social Justice and it is expected that the map will be available to the public by March of the following year. This program will enable 20 of the law students from UTS to have support in creating web apps that will in turn encourage people to have access to justice as well as make legal information that are tailored more accessible to anyone.

According to a partner from Allens, Anna Collyer, it is important that a person has an understanding of the current technology. This understanding is vital especially since it is Artificial Intelligence and considered very powerful. Once lawyers are able to understand technology, they will be more competent in the near future.

She also added that what they are doing aims to build solutions for specific needs by working together with the clients. They are happy to be working alongside with the future lawyers as they practice on how to make law and technology work together in helping the community partners.

The inspiration of the project is based on the same project that was created by the partnership between Neota Logic based in the United States and Georgetown University Law School. The developers of the program’s model are said to be Professor Tanina Rostain of Georgetown Law and Kevin G. Mulcahy, Neota’s Director of Education.

According to Mulcahy, the program will encourage law students to think just like an engineer when dealing with legal matters so their expertise can be accessed by the public through the Internet and many will be able to benefit from it.

The Dean of Law from UTS said that the students will be able to learn how they can solve problems related to social justice with the use of innovation as well as legal technology. Knowledge of technology is important even for experienced International Lawyer in Bangkok.