Amazon Logistics + As A Force To Reckon With In The Global Logistics Industry

In recent months, Amazon Logistics + has expanded its services to include cross-border air transportation including packaging, warehousing, customs and handling services. It is also quietly nurturing a program with China so that any wholesaler can use the logistics company to ship goods all over the world whether by land, sea or air.

According to logistics analysts, the new offer of Amazon Logistics + will increase pressure on the more established shippers that include UPS, FedEx and DHL because the services are not confined to Amazon sellers.

Amazon is one of the leaders in global retail and it considers logistics as one of the key pillars of its business. Last year, one in every six dollars of Amazon’s revenue was generated by its logistics business that offers warehousing and shipping services to sellers.

Amazon planned to enter China more than ten years ago but it missed out on the booming ecommerce market because it was overtaken by Alibaba and, both home-grown companies. Now, Amazon has found a way to enter the Chinese market because it feels that with the volume of goods it handles, it can actually more goods more efficiently than the competitors.

However, according to John Manners-Bell, head of Transport Intelligence, a logistics consultancy, if a new entrant focuses on technology the disruption experienced by the market will be quite significant. Amazon’s global business is a unique combination of retail, technology, media and logistics that required heavy capital investments.

Even in its infancy, Amazon Logistics + is very attractive to the Chinese because it allows them immediate access to American markets. At the moment, Amazon Logistics + is considered a bit player but it is sending ripples to the global logistics industry. They have the technology to be competitive and make the logistics industry more efficient.

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