Ample Hills Creamery Opens An Interactive Ice Cream Factory For Its Customers

In a span of a few years, Ample Hills Creamery has become one of the biggest names in ice cream in New York. It has been called the next Ben & Jerry’s and received funding of $4 million in 2015.

Owners Jackie Cuscuna and Brian Smith opened their new factory in July this year—spanning fifteen thousand square feet in Red Hook, complete with glass windows to see the production area, as well as an interactive area for kids visiting the place.

The New Factory

Brian Smith, before getting into the ice cream business, used to write screenplays for horror movies. He says that this experience has helped him create the narrative of the place—a factory with interactive elements, and inviting people to experience it with them, looking back on the last seven years that the creamery just passed. He adds that creating the place is like giving life to what they have worked for.

Factory and Museum

They say that the place is not solely for ice cream production: in the social media age, it has to be more than that. Smith continues by saying that he wants to create a story for their visitors and customers, something that connects people to the place beyond Instagrammable pictures and settings.

More than simply watching how the ice cream is made, visitors can also control five-foot–large spoons while learning what the pasteurizer does. Aside from illustrations, there are also smell tubes to indulge the senses of the visitors—an experience using ice cream as a creative story-telling device. A magnetic scrapbook is also in place where visitors can add their life stories as ice cream flavours. This ties their experiences to the brand and the place, making it an even more meaningful trip for them.

The main feature of the place is an illustrated map of Brooklyn, New York—the centrepiece of their story telling. The Brooklyn New York illustrated map , New York is a three-dimensional map of the place that is the imagery of Ample Hill, which was based on a poem by Walt Whitman.

Future Plans

Ample Hills hopes to expand to Los Angeles as well. But more than expanding in a physical sense, they are looking into e-commerce as well, bringing their flavours to a whole wider audience.