Avoid Hazardous Situations Through Proactive Boiler And Burner Maintenance

One hundred fifty years of industrial development has resulted in to robust industrial boilers and burners; however, the durability of boilers is often its worst enemy. Because boilers are durable enough to last a very long time without requiring significant repairs, system owners often overlook accurate maintenance. A boiler can only last for decades if maintenance and thermal fluid testing is performed regularly.

Most of the time, the boiler operates silently in one corner of the manufacturing facility that is why, its maintenance is often overlooked by the process engineer and facility manager. However, there are legislations in place to make employers responsible for regular inspection of work equipment that is exposed to conditions causing deterioration that can result into hazardous situations.

Legislations apply to industrial boilers and combustion equipment so that employers will consider proactive boiler and burner maintenance very seriously. Buildups of carbon dioxide and emissions of carbon monoxide can result into extremely dangerous conditions, health issues and downtime. Boilers and heaters that make use of thermal fluid systems require regular maintenance to cope up with carbon residue or coke because a buildup can result into system blockages, reduced efficiency, high operational costs and health and safety issues.

In order to ensure that boilers and burners are performing properly, it is critical to perform appropriate tests including complete thermal fluid tests at least once every six months or annually. Thermal fluid systems with carbon buildup can continue to function but less efficiently. If the carbon buildup is not removed, the boiler will eventually break down which could result into a major expense.

Annual tests on the boilers and thermal fluid systems are sometimes part of the company’s insurance requirement’s but in most cases; there are telltale signs of a faulty boiler. Burners often fail because of faulty gas valves and consumable parts that wear down because of their volatile lifestyle. Consumable parts often require more frequent servicing and replacement otherwise; it can shut down the boiler straight away.

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