Bed Bugs A Problem In Public Housing

Bed bugs have started becoming a problem for the public housing authority in La Salle County. They are affecting fewer than 2% of the housing units.

The problem is mostly at the 7-storey Fornof Manor located in Streator. There are 10 units affected from the 104 units of the manor. From those 10 units, only 4 units have undergone professional treatments and are currently on the monitoring stage for the next three months.

From the authority’s 1,071 housing units in the La Salle County, there are 18 which have bed bug issues or are currently subject to post-treatment observations. This is according to the Housing Authority’s executive director in La Salle County, Rick Jurkas. In 2015, there was a bed bug issue at the Fox Hi-Rise located in Ottawa.

About bed bugs

Bed bugs are parasites that crave and feed on blood. They cause skin rashes. They are a real annoyance. However, they don’t carry diseases or pose a health risk.

So, where do bed bugs come from? The level of cleanliness or sanitation do not affect the existence of these bed bugs. Jurkas mentioned that these parasitic insects are fairly common.

In an interview, he said that people hear about these bugs in public housing more, but it is problem wherever the location, and it is a huge problem in the state of Illinois.

In early November, there were five employees from the authority that attended a seminar in Peoria regarding bed bugs.

Jurkas said that a mass extermination cannot be done with bed bugs. He added that the best way to kill them is through heat, and that the temperature should be around 128 degrees. Bed bugs enter a home when they attach themselves on clothes or furniture brought in.

Notifying the authority regarding bed bugs

For Jurkas, the best thing that public housing occupants need to do is to notify the authority right away regarding the bed bugs’ existence. Otherwise, these insects will dig down inside the couches and other furniture. Still, residents usually stall. According to Jurkas, they are embarrassed to do so. The occupants should notice these bed bugs quickly.