Brisk Business For Caterers And Restaurants In Lahore

In Australia, there is a caterer in Sydney that specializes in different events including weddings. In Lahore, there are also catering businesses that provide services to politicians. Caterers and restaurants are experiencing a boom because political candidates are ordering food by the truckloads for workers and voters alike.

According to Usman Khokar, owner of a pakwan in Shalimar Road, they usually cater for weddings and events but lately they have been receiving large orders from candidates and election offices. In order to manage the sudden influx of orders, Usman has hired extra workers. He is also maintaining a large supply of rice, onions, tomatoes, clarified butter and other spices.

Jazib, another catering provider told Express News that most of the orders they receive come from political offices. Their typical orders include chicken quorma or biryani including special zarda which is prepared according to special instructions. Both the Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz and Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaafthat are pitting against each other in the elections usually order the same thing.

Ten kilos of chicken quorma are sold by caterers and restaurants for Rs4,500 while 12 kilos of chicken biryani are sold for Rs6,500. Plain biryani that weighs 12 kilos is sold for Rs4,500 while 10 kilos of mutton for Rs13,500. Daigh of zarda costs about Rs5,500. However, in spite of the bulk orders, patrons are not encouraged by the business owners to open tabs at their establishments because they prefer cash payments.

Candidate Coordinator Zeeshan of PML-N said that when food is served during the evening, about 150 to 200 workers gather at the central office. Meanwhile, Rana Mubashir, manager of PTI’s electoral office revealed that his party provides breakfast, lunch and dinner to the workers. If guests stop by the office, they have to be fed otherwise they might hold grudges if they are not treated properly.

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