Bye Bye, Robot Releases 4 New Star Trek Prints

The best canvas prints are highly celebrated, highly sought after pieces of modern art. For those that collect them, seeking out particular pieces with special significance is priority. For modern art lovers that also happen to be Trekkies, good news has come, with Bye Bye, Robot, the independent art publisher and licensed Star Trek TV Series, Original Series and Next Generation merchandise seller, releasing 4 new canvas prints based on the classic sci-fi series.

The first canvas print in this release is made by Bye Bye, Robot’s newest artist, Nicole Padberg Munkdale, a graphic artist and actor that once acted in the Star Trek: The Experience in Vegas. The print resembles and is a tribute to the classic 60’s Vegas concert marquee posters, featuring the Deep Space 9 hologram signer Vic Fontaine, from Quark’s Bar. The piece is entitled “From The Heart”, and is 18″ x 24″.

The second poster in the set is from Mark Brayer, a returning artist. The print is in his familiar style featuring the U.S.S. Enterprise and the U.S.S. Constellation. This particular piece is named “The Doomsday Machine”, and not only features the two aforementioned ships, but important elements from the eponymous Star Trek: The Original Series episode. The retro book style piece possesses a blue/orange contrast, available at the size of 16″ x 24″.

The last two pieces in the collection are from Jeff Foster, a returning artist, done in his unique Modern Impressionist style, using only a palette knife to apply the paint. The first piece, named the “Blue Enterprise” is the classic N.C.C. 1701 in varying shades of blue, red, orange and white. This piece is available at size 18″ x 24″. The second piece features the U.S.S. Enterprise, three of them, in particular. The iterations from ST: The Original Series, ST: The Next Generation, and ST: Enterprise. This piece is entitled “Enterprise x3″ and sized 18″ x 23”.

Licensed by CBS Consumer Products, these new prints are waiting for any collector or Trekkie to add them to their list of best canvas prints, are all printed on acid-free heavyweight coverstock, for the price of $25, barring shipping costs from Bye Bye, Robot.