Cataract Surgery: Will It Stop You From Wearing Glasses?

LaserEyeSurgeryBelfast knows better than anyone that if a person has cataracts in their eyes then their eyesight is cloudy. There are conditions that get worse and might require a person to undergo a surgery. To remove all the false claims and to clarify things, there are now modern procedures that can be done to not only improve the eyesight but also to help a person stop using glasses.

Cataracts is a condition wherein he eye’s lenses will make a person’s vision cloudy after some time. Once the cataract starts to get cloudy, a hazy vision will then follow. This will give a person a hard time looking at glare and will need brighter environment in order to see properly.

The main and most basic cause of the cataracts is aging but there are also other factors why some patients have cataracts at an early age than expected. These are sometimes side effects of different drugs such as steroids which can develop cataract in a faster manner. People who are also experiencing medical conditions will experience cataract as side effects such as diabetes. Other factors are injuries and radiations and many more.

Whatever the cause of your cataract, if it reaches a point where a person can’t function regularly then it is recommended to under the surgery for cataract. Your doctor will be the one who will tell you if the surgery is needed and when is the right time as well as many other factors that will be involved in the operation.
If you need good vision in your everyday living such as your work then you must think about how it the surgery will help the situation or if it is a necessity.

A few decades back, lens implants would have been suffice to correct conditions such as farsightedness and nearsightedness but the implant will have to be used in conjunction with glasses if you want perfect vision. Now in the modern times, there are better alternatives for patients.

The surgery requires no age limit as long as the patient is in good health condition and doesn’t have any limiting factors. The surgery is also painless and will be performed after inducing local anesthetic together with numbing agents and medicine to help the patient relax.