CDE Urge Government To Monitor Employers Holding Maids’ Salary

According to CDE or Centre for Domestic Employees, the government in Singapore should think about preventing employers from holding back the salaries of their maids. CDE is a group that advocates for all the domestic workers in Singapore and they are working hand-in-hand with NTUC or National Trades Union Congress. According to the group, they have already talked to agencies from the government regarding the issue and they are waiting for their response. This practice is common even the Royal Domestic Services believe that employees should get their salaries on time.

Yeo Guat Kwang, the chairman of CDE, said that issue with the salary is the top concern of foreign domestic workers in the country. There are many cases of employees going to CDE in order to ask for their help.

In 2017 alone, CDE was able to assist maids to get their rightful salaries which amounted to $52,543. The amount they are expecting from their employees varies with the minimum at $1,000 while the highest amount owed by an employer to the maid is around $15,000.

Yeo said that there are employees giving excuses such as they wanted to help their maids to save some of their money. He is currently appealing to the government that this should be added in the law and placed in addition to other work permit conditions. It is important to stress that employers are not allowed to hold onto the salaries of their employees.

According to Yeo, it is within the legal rights of the maid to choose how the payment should be made. Reviewing the Foreign Manpower Employment Act revealed that the workers have the final say when it comes to how they should be paid and not the employers. The problem is that many of the maids do not even know that they have this right.

Yeo shared that there are instances wherein the CDE confronted the employers and they are not able to pay the amount because it has already accumulated to a very large sum. There are unfortunate cases wherein maids are sent back to their home country without receiving their full salary. The Royal Domestic Services is one of the agencies in UAE that ensures this does not happen to their workers.