Chinese Importers Of Fake Tyres Caught

Two Chinese nationals together with a Nigerian were caught upon entering the country after trying to import fake tyres. The Chinese nationals are Tao Shen, 36 years old and Jing Yau, 22 years old while the Nigerian is Chinedu Madubuike.

They are now in trial after being charged of four counts of importation of substandard items.

The charges were read during court and was translated into Chinese language through an interpreter, the accused plead not guilty after hearing the charges.

The judge for the trial is Mojisola Olatoregun who scheduled the bail application last March 21 for the three accused after the plea.

According to the charges, the crime was committed by the accused last month. They were accused to have conspired in order to import fake tyres since the products do not meet the necessary industrial standard required by the country of Nigeria.

The allegations further stated that they are caught putting different sizes of tyres and fit them into bigger tyres despite the fact that all of the tyres are substandard and could pose a danger to the user and could eventually harm the lives of consumers.

The accused were trying to import the tyres into the country of Nigeria but were caught after the tyres were inspected and seen to have been stuffed inside with various sizes of tyres. All of the products do not pass the required tyre standard in Nigeria which is not recommended to be use for the purpose the accused are trying to sell them for.

Nigeria has a strict industrial standard when it comes to tyres thus the tyres in possession of the importers are not certified and if used, could harm other people.

There is a condition set for imported tyres wherein the importers should be able to provide returns but also failed to do so and it is a mandatory requirement by the Nigerian law.

The overall price of the products seized amounted to 5 billion Nigerian dollars and the warehouse where they are operating has already been closed down. This is why it is important to purchase only from legal dealers when looking for Gold Coast tyres.