Close Encounter With The Great White Shark

The Gulf of Mexico along Florida is a favorite destination for divers who want to experience the coral gardens under the crystalline seas. However, the abundance of food sources has drawn a large variety of white sharks. The exceptional visibility allows divers the experience of taking photographs of the species. The best shots are usually achieved through cage diving because you can see the sharks up close.

However, a horrifying video was recently uploaded from the Gulf Mexico regarding the terrifying experience of Craig Capehart from Indiana. The video showed his close encounter with the great White Shark off the Coast of Guadalupe Island last August. The terrifying video showing how the Great White Shark was entering the underwater cage was the stuff for horror videos.

Capehart was inside the diving cage to get a glimpse of the Great White Shark. Other shark watchers were in nearby cages. The video showed how the shark swam towards the cages while making its way between them. As the shark sticks its head into one the cages, you can see the sharp teeth revealed through its open mouth. The shark’s head was inches away from the diver. It was more frightening when the shark was able to get most of its body into the cage.

From the video, it appeared that the shark wanted to make its way out of the cage but it got stuck. If it got fully in the cage and tried to wildly find its way out, the diver would have been smashed by the great body. Fortunately, the shark broke free of the cage and swam away.

A similar video that was recorded in September was also uploaded. It showed a shark trying to break into a cage with four divers. The shark thrashed around and caused the cage to move violently. The divers managed to escape and the shark was sent free.

If you go diving in Similan islands, you might get a chance to sight a whale shark. However, you needn’t fear for your life because whale sharks are docile and harmless. Divers have been awed with its presence and they never forget that the whale shark deserves respect.