Creating An Illusion Of Bigger Space Through Mirror Splashback

When a mirror splashback is cleverly positioned in a kitchen, it can create an illusion of more space. The mirror has a reflective surface that bounces light back to a room to boost brightness and add a sense of space. Using a mirrored splashback is an easy trick used by interior designers to make a small space look larger.

Javier Garcia-Alzorizz, a high-end interior designer, was full of ideas with his first home. He wanted it to be glamorous but he has already spent every penny he got for the home and his budget does not match his taste for luxury. However, Javier knows the importance of clever spending and DIY skills to reinvent a one-bedroom flat into a glamorous home with light fittings and floorings for £4,000.

Javier’s first project was the kitchen that had an L-shape design. He removed the white built-in cupboards and rearranged them along one end of the open-plan kitchen/living room. For additional storage, Javier bought some new upper cabinets from Ikea and painted them with City Life, a deep charcoal blue gray from Crown’s Fashion for Walls range. He made a glam work surface from sheets of brass that he cut to size and fitted them with new Buster & Punch handles.

Javier wanted a mirrored splashback for the kitchen so that it can ping light on the dark space but he cannot afford custom made glass. His solution was to use two wall mirrors from Ikea that cost him £60. The flat is only 475 square feet and faces west with bright, large windows. He knew that mirror and brass can reflect the light to make the dark room appear brighter.

A giant mirror was one of the successful finds from eBay. It only cost £150. Being an expert in interior design, Javier knows where he can find the best bargains so that he can remodel his new home into a glamorous space for the least amount of investment.

Using mirror splashback in the kitchen gives it sophistication and elegance. You can play with colours so that you can boost your kitchen’s design. For example, you can opt for the pearly shimmer for an enhanced effect.