Cyber Experts Warn On Watching Football On Risks On Illegal Sites

With the Premier League season slowly going into full swing, many people are looking to ดูบอล, especially with favourites Manchester United and Leicester battling each other once more. For some football fans itching to watch such events, some will turn to live streams on sites like Facebook and Reddit, which cyber experts have warned against doing.

A good example of such a practice is Reddit’s Soccer Streams, which had at least 250,000 subscribers, which saw 200,000 illegal streams of Premier League matches were shut down during the last season, thanks to rights holders cracking down on pirates streaming their shows.

To follow up on that, the UK High Court passed a blocking order in July, which could lead to more live links being closed down during the current Premiere League season, though security experts say that the risks are still there. Chris Hodson, a data protection officer from Zscaler, a cyber security firm, says that there’s a lot of illegal streaming sites, which give cybercriminals the opportunity to exploit the popularity of football.

Mr. Hodson explains that the UK’s rules on broadcasting means that any games played at 3pm every Saturday cannot be broadcasted, which can offer incentive for hackers. The “Blackout” forbids English Premier League and Football league from being televised, from 2.45pm to 5.15pm, with the goal of encouraging people to do more than just watch football online and actually attend the games.

He says that, during this time period, illegal streaming peaks, and cybercriminals take advantage of it, either by having people get malicious code, sending them to site with hoisting web exploits or just plain old asking for the info visitors, which they then use to make money.

Anti-piracy group FACT says that any person that’s caught sharing illegal content will face prosecution. They say that the public should be aware that it’s illegal to watch football online via social media, via a piracy site, or via  a device connected to the TV.

The 2018 World Cup saw illegal live streaming of football games peak, which saw thousands of live feeds appearing on websites with links for watching the matches. Security analysts are expecting this to continue well into the new Premiere League season.