Diamond Engagement Rings In Melbourne For Reality TV Show ‘The Bachelor’

When Sam Wood of the reality show “The Bachelor” proposed to his chosen fiancée SnezanaMarkoski with a massive diamond engagement ring last year, nobody knew that the large stone she had was owned by somebody else. You will find many diamond engagement rings in Melbourne that fit your needs.

The story began when the bachelor secretly met with Melbourne diamond trader Ronnie Bensimon in a Crown Casino hotel room.

The ostentatious goldsmith had a deserving reputation for personal touches among his upmarket customers, who are said to include celebrities Pia Miller, Whitney Port and Nicole Trunfio, and other casino high-rollers. These were diamond engagement rings in Melbourne to flaunt.

Staying away from media, Sam chose a two-carat stone, which Mr. Bensimonand his team worked desperately to guarantee that everything was ready for the reality TV couple’s big day.

This was a successful moment for Mr. Bensimon;despite the fact that behind the scene his business empire was deeply dying.

Six months later, the Bensimonjewelrybusiness went bankrupt,and accumulated business and personal debts of about $10-million.

Snezana’s stone turned out to be one of the many diamonds that Mr. Bensimon obtained from other diamond wholesalers but whose real owners never got paid. These are unfortunate owners of diamond engagement rings in Melbourne that Mr. Bensimon cheated.

Some of the jewelleries worked as a guaranty for high-interest loans; while others simply vanished.

After once living a lifestyle like the Kardashians, Mr. Bensimonis now being run after by creditors including the Australian Tax Office, a one-time school friend, his sister, a former business partner, and many diamond wholesalers.

Victoria law enforcershad been asked to investigate the vanishing of the diamonds, while a dissatisfied creditor had approached an underworld figure to regain a sizable debt from Bensimon, who professed he only had 17 cents in his bank account when he proclaimed bankruptcy in late July.

Mr. Bensimon owned jewellery stores in Elizabeth Street and at the Crown Casino, and alsoan online shop.

He bragged that many of his dealers were happy to loan him diamonds with just a handshake. However, he never paid them, while his own clients paid for the diamonds. Such an unfortunate experience for those retailers of diamond engagement rings in Melbourne.