Factors To Consider While Buying Sun Shades

Sun shades protect the interior cabin of the car from the harmful sun rays. They protect the upholstery and electronics in the car from discoloration and fading due to exposure to direct light. Sun shades keep the inside cabin of the car cool and enhance the functioning of the cooling system. They block the view from outside and help to protect the valuable things in the car from theft.

However, sun shades are available in a number of models. Stating with the complete set of shades for all the windows and windshields to individual shades to pick according to the requirement. For example, Weathertech sun shades can be customized to suit the requirements of the customers.

Consider the following factors before selecting sun shades for your vehicle

  1. Cost – Cost is one of the factors to consider, while buying sun shades. However, buying a sun shade just because it is cheaper is not the right option. Buy a good quality sun shade like the Weather tech Tech shade sun shade, which provides superior functionality around the year.
  2. Material – Know about the material used to design the sun shade. The material of the sun shade defines its effectiveness. Nylon and polyester are two popular materials for sun shades. The durability and light weight of these materials make them the preferred choice.
  3. Size – This is one of the most important factor to consider, when shopping for sun shades. Buy the sun shades that fit the measurements of your car windows and windshields. Investing in customized sun shades like the WeathertechTechshade sun shade is a good option. These shades can be custom designed to suit the specifications of your car.
  4. Brand – Invest in sun shades of reputed brand This will help you to be assured about the quality and durability of the shades. Do not buy sun shades from unknown brands and companies because you never know about their quality.
  5. Design – Look for the unique features and design of the sun shade before buying them. For example, the Weather tech Tech shade sun shades have a unique two way design. They have a reflective side and an absorbing side. The reflective side is for hot sunny days and helps to keep the car cool by protecting it from the direct sunlight. The dark side for winters, absorbs the sunlight and makes the interior warm. Buy sun shades with extra features that improve their functionality.