French Online Retailer Opens 10 New Physical Stores

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French online seller

In different parts of globe, companies, whether small, medium or operating in a large scale is now taking advantage of the internet. In France, an online seller of clothing and accessories and shoes is now expanding its online business by engaging in offline activities across the country. Reports have surfaced that the retailer is planning to open at least ten physical store in France come December this year. Spartoo launched its first ever physical store five months ago and the traditional system of handling business pleased the management well.

This particular retailer’s case is quite unique in that they started out as an online business and then expanded to offline activities. This is quite a surprising move wherein an online fashion retailer decides to make a very big move offline. There are plenty of physical stores that have difficulty keeping up with the demands in having a physical store but the case of Spartoo is quite different.

The first physical store of Spartoo was opened in Grenoble and was said to be very promising. According to the company’s CEO, Boris Saragaglia, a lot of consumers still show interest in visiting their stores and take advantage of the complementary between physical commerce and online retailing.

The strategy of the company is based in opening regional stores in shopping centers or in city centers. Spartoo now focuses their efforts in the area of Rhone-Alpes. They hope to gradually increase their presence in the Southeast and Northeast regions of France. Aside from opening three stores in Burgundy, the retailer plans to open stores in Clermont-Ferrand, Bour-en-Bresse, Chambery and Besancon.