Fundraiser To Be Held In Honour Of Sharmie Kimmorley

Australia’s National Rugby League will be working together with the Men of League, Australia’s foremost Rugby league charity, and the Star Hotel in Sydney, for the organisation, and holding of a tribute evening sometime in August, in memory of Sharnie Kimmorley, complete with charity auction, with several NRL official merchandise and other items going under the hammer.

Sharnie Kimmorley is the wife and childhood sweetheart to the NRL legend, Brent Kimmorley. The couple has four children, all of them daughters, and are in good terms with their extended family. The Kimmorleys also have a few notable family friends, who will all be supporting the fundraising event in memory of Sharnie.

Sharnie passed away earlier this year, after having suffered and battled brain cancer for a while now. Brain cancer, a particularly aggressive iteration of cancer, is a notable issue amidst the higher ups of the NRL, with a special event, the ‘Beanies for Brain Cancer’ being held for it.

The NRL’s CEO, Todd Greenberg,  who also happens to be a personal friend of the Kimmorley family, and is also an advocate towards raising awareness for brain cancer, said that the NRL community had rallied to Brett and his four daughters following Sharmie’s recent passing.

Mr. Greenberg released a statement regarding the sad news, saying that losing a loved one is always traumatic, especially when it’s someone like a life-long partner and mother; someone you’ve known for so long.

He adds that Brett has contributed a lot to rugby league and the sport, as well as supporting the community, and he believes its time for the community to return the favour.

In order to help the Kimmorleys, the rugby league family will be holding a celebration event for Sharnie in Memoriam on the 15th of August, Tuesday, to be hosted by the Star Hotel in Sydney.

NRL players, both current and former, will be attending, complete with special performances by celebrities such as Guy Sebastian and Mark Vincent. The event’s MCs will be Channel 7’s Jim Wilson and Fox League’s Yvonne Sampson, as acknowledge from both networks of the contributions made to them by Brett Kimmorley.

A range of auction items are also going under the hammer, for those who wish to support. They are:

  • 4 Category A tickets for the ANZ Stadium’s live concert of Ed Sheeran in 2018
  • 2017 NRL Season VIP Grand Final Package for 4 people, complete with a Grand Finals ambassadors cruise, platinum tickets for games, complimentary food and beverages, and signed NRL merchandise by the GF’s winning team.
  • Affinity Diamonds white gold diamond chandelier earrings, 18 carat

The event is open for the public, with additional info regarding the event available at

Proceeds of the event will go to the Sebastian Foundation, in support of the Kimmorley family.