Getting The Better End Of A Deal In Car Rentals

According to Gary Leff, founder of a travel deal site, price variations in the car rental industry are quite common. For example, the same company may charge you $300 one weekend and $50 in the following week. Mr. Leff suggests some tips so that the consumer will get the better end of a deal.

  1. If you want to save on car rental, do not be tempted with the prepaid option even if the car rental company offers you a little discount. You will lose the opportunity to save a few bucks if the rental prices go down before you travel. There are websites that track car rental prices which makes it easy to compare different providers. If you sign up for an account, you will receive an email informing of a lower rental price once it becomes available.
  2. Avoid renting a car at airports because the car rental companies have to pay as much as 25% airport tax. You can rent from the same company but pick up the car away from the airport premises. However, since airport tax is only required for pickups, you can return the car at the company’s airport office.
  3. Logically, it is cheaper to rent a car for 3 days instead of a week; however, it is cheaper to rent for a longer period. Business travelers can rent for shorter terms because this option is not as price sensitive as rentals for leisure travelers. It is important though to keep the car for the whole duration of the rental otherwise, the company can re-price the car for a fee.
  4. There are popular car rental companies that have gained a good reputation in the industry. However, small rental companies usually charge a lower price because they are not very well known. Most of these small car rental companies are located away from the airport.

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