Hasidic Women Now Armed With Fashionable But Modest Clothing Choices

In a boutique in Borough Park, Brooklyn, an unexpected group of the city’s most conservative women are searching through sheer blouses and cropped tops.

The boutique, Junee, which is filled with beaming colors and the latest styles provides Hasidic women with a range of clothing options.

Hasidic women follow a very modest doctrine that include keeping their collar bones, elbows and knees completely covered. In addition, married women need to hide their hair under a scarf or a wig.

Jews have increased their observance of Tznius or modesty since it took a more renewed focus for the past years. This is in parallel with those in London and Israel where issues involving modesty are taking a spotlight.

Junee and multiple other stores have seen a rise in their sales in the past years ever since a growing number of products were designed to bring modesty with fashion. There are tape-like items to tighten up collars that sag inappropriately. There are also felt dots that lessen the clacking sound of heels. There are tubes that extend short sleeved clothes to an acceptable length.

Undershirts are hugely popular for these Hasidic women who want to hide their collar bones resulting in shops that sell undershirts exclusively. There are also dickeys, which were once just a thing with nerds, now starting to sell. In the heavily Hasidic neighborhood of Borough Park, dickeys are a popular piece of item. Dickeys are fitted into Women’s Sweaters to make the neckline look demure.

Tip Top sells trims to extend cuffs and hemlines that include multiple shades of black. A worker mentioned that it is more than just selling fabric, its having accessibility to modest choices.

Before these one stop shops, the inconvenience of taking a trip to farther garment districts caused a Hasidic woman to bend their rules. Now, they consider and make tznius happen.

These kosher clothing stores that sell the correct lengths and hide feminine shapes have been in the Hasidic neighborhoods for decades. However, bargains are limited and options are small.

The availability of new options from shops like Tip Top gives these women better selections and prices.