Here’s How Web Design Affects Search Engine Optimization

Website owners know how important search engine optimization is for their websites. In fact, SEO is considered as one of the drivers of success in a website. When talking about SEO, most people would immediately think about keywords, keyword placement, and relevancy of the page, link building and other important factors. However, there are also other important factors that influence or affect a website’s rankings on the search engines results page that is often left overlooked. One of these overlooked key factors would include web design and here is how it affects SEO.

First of all, a website should always be designed in favor of SEO so that you may fare well in the search engine results pages. This means key web design elements should be observed carefully. A website should have SEO friendly navigation. Remember, navigation plays an important role in SEO that is why you would need to design a website navigation that would be easier to crawl, indexed, or be displayed in the results page by the search engines. Think about the technologies that complement SEO and not those that can affect in a negative way such as the popular Flash introductions and the Javascripts navigation. Although these technologies can produce cool and dynamic effects, they are not easily detected by search spiders.

Next, proper HTML coding should also be observed. Know that computers have their own language in the form of HTML and you would always need a code that the search engines can read. If your website is not coded properly, it might have negative effects to your search engine ranking.

It is recommended that Responsive Design should be used because they are SEO friendly. Most search engines such as Google gives priority to responsive websites because they can be accessed in multiple devices from laptops to tablets and even to mobile phones.

Effective SEO can work wonders on a website and drive considerable traffic which would ultimately increase the likelihood for conversions. So if you want a properly designed website, the key is to find the right people to do the job such as Perth Web Design. You can check their website at