How Amherst Is Saving Its Ash Trees From Possible Annihilation

The emerald ash borer is an exotic insect pest that comes from Asia. The insect has been found in several Iowa counties as well as other states but it is now wrecking havoc in some portions of Western New York. The destructive pest feeds below the bark of the ash tree cutting off its water and nutrient conducting vessels to result into the tree’s demise.

According to Dan Riley, the crew chief of Amherst’s parks and forestry department, if the spread of the insect pest is not controlled every tree in Amherst will be affected. The damage to the ash trees is undeniable because it can be seen all over town. All of the ash trees are in danger whether it is a white, purple, green or summit ash. However, Riley’s crew is doing all they can to vaccinate every ash tree to prevent them from dying due to the emerald ash borer.

Almost 20% of the trees along Amherst are ash trees which mean the need to vaccinate more than 10,000 trees. Riley has 3 crews and 3 trucks that work every day to treat the ash trees. The first step is to measure the diameter of the tree to determine the amount of dosage necessary. Then, the crew puts a plug and injects an air compressed chemical. The process actually takes 3 hours but it varies according to the tree, the time of day and the weather.

The preventive measures undertaken by Riley’s crew is a huge undertaking but the town is investing at least $100,000 annually to save the trees and control the invasion of insects that came all way from Asia. Riley thinks that the insects were in the pallets that came from Asia and have worked their way from west to east. The cost of vaccinations is cheaper than having a tree removed from the yard.

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