How Crocodiles Can Be A Pest Control In Brisbane

The common Indian Myna bird is one pervading and aggressive pest which needs to be eradicated fast. Today, through the partnership between a prominent reptile park and the Queensland local council, crocodiles are usedto eradicate the pests by trapping and using them to feed the reptiles. This is one pest control in Brisbane that utilizes natural methods to eradicate pestering birds.

The owner of Snakes Downunder Reptile Park in Childers admits that this is the best solution to solve the problem of infiltrations or otherwise they will just be dumped. A local council employee approached him and offered the birds for feeding. Instead of being dumped and buried, they can be used as food for the huge reptiles.

Bundaberg Regional Council runs a trapping program to diminish the infestation of Indian Myna birds in Cordalba, Apple Tree Creek and Childers areas. The council has offered a reward of AUS$2 per head if the bird is captured alive and unharmed. Interested individuals can also loan traps through the Council. This may be one method where pest control in Brisbane can help with the extinction of the birds.

Indian Myna birds are introduced as the worst breed in Australia due to their invasive behaviour. The birds aggressively drive away small tree-dwelling marsupials and native birds out of their nesting hallows and even throw away the young native chicks out of their nest.

The birds, which come between 12 to 30 birds per week, are trapped and killed using gas. They are kept inside freezers, so they can be fed to crocodiles and lizards too. They have been beneficial to the feeding of the reptiles as they get whole food rich in vitamins and calcium needed by their bodies. Sometimes, they are fed with wild pigs, which is a favourite among crocodiles.

The Need to Be Extra Careful When Feeding Crocodiles

Crocodile feeding can be dangerous especially that they can come in huge size and are wild. The caretakers of the reptile park say that they sometimes hear their heart pounding a bit, which need them to be extra careful. Accidents may happen, and you don’t want to be a victim. Just like what happened last year, when in a split of a second, the crocodile attacked the owner of the park amidst a crowd of onlookers.