How To Avoid Hidden Costs Related To Your Vacation Package

You have chosen well for your summer vacation. The itinerary is well planned and your hotel room has been booked in advance. It is now the time to be excited but watch out because there might be surprise expenses you have not prepared for.

Unfortunately for many travellers, there are often hidden costs to a vacation that will make them go over the budget. Some can be considered as insignificant costs like the bottled mineral water you assumed to be free but turned out to be $3 or major expenses like resort fees. In order to avoid extra expenses, check out the list of the most common ones you have to avoid.

  • When the plane touches down, you are very excited to get to the hotel and start relaxing. There are many options to travel to the hotel with every service provider claiming to be the cheapest one when in fact it costs a fortune. To avoid this common mistake, make sure to research because many airports are connected to public transport systems.
  • A vacation is usually a time to indulge yourself. You order through room service or take trip to the spa but later on; you find out that there are extra charges. Hotel parking is one of the examples of an extra charge. In areas like Boston and Fort Lauderdale, you will pay at least $45 for self-service parking. To avoid the extra expense, choose a hotel that provides free parking to their guests.
  • Resort fees usually double the costs of your accommodation. Las Vegas hotels are very notorious for the exorbitant resort fees that reach about $25 to $35 per night. Other destinations where you can expect a daily resort fee include Florida, Hawaii, the Caribbean and Mexico. Before purchasing a holiday package, make sure that you read all the information provided particularly related to hotel bookin

If you want a vacation where there are no surprise expenses, opt for the hotel near All Seasons building. There are special packages and promotions with additional perks for early check-in and late check-out. The hotel is located in the heart of the Bangkok meaning that most tourist destinations are within walking distance.