How To Choose Moving Boxes

It is time for you to move into your new home and you find yourself riddled with one question while planning how to pack your belongings, what kind of boxes should you use? You can’t just go and buy packing boxes online unless you know what you need. You must know the right type in order to make sure your belongings will be safe while in transit. It is essential to buy the correct kind of boxes to help you save time and money during the packing. Unless your belongings are not important to you, choosing the right boxes is crucial.

If you have no idea what boxes to buy, you can look for answers online but you might have to go through a lot of articles before determining the right kind. Below is a cheat sheet for you to use as a guide before you buy your packing boxes. Included on the list is the name of the box, its description and uses.

  • Dishpack has a volume of 5.1 cubic feet. It is a corrugated box recommended for fragile items like vases, glassware and dishes among many others.
  • Book Box is 1 and a half cubic feet which is ideal for small items. It is also designed to handle books as well as magazines.
  • Medium Box is 3 cubic feet which can be used for packing shoes, clothes and toys.
  • Linen Box has a volume of 4 and one half cubic feet. This is where you can store your towels, bed sheets, blanket and pillow covers.
  • Large Box is 6 cubic feet and recommended for large items but lightweight that is too big for a standard box size.
  • Lamp box is 3.3 cubic feet which is specially manufactured for size of any lamps including table and floor lamps.
  • Mattress Box is another special box designed for mattresses. It can fit King or Queen sized mattresses because of the adjustable feature.
  • Mirror and Picture box is intended to be used for mirrors and pictures.
  • Wardrobe box comes with a hang bar where you can store jackets, dresses and coats while in transit.

Make sure to check this list when you buy packing boxes online and consider all the items you have to make sure you buy enough quantity to save money.