How To Lose Weight By Changing The Entrenched Eating Habits

Marissa Nicholson got married and had three beautiful children. She led a busy life but despite that, she put on so much weight that people would stare at her stomach instead of her face. Marissa went to fitness class several times every week but she continued to eat the foods she grew up with in the West Side of Buffalo. She did workouts but didn’t lose much weight until she decided to change.

Marissa started with a weight loss program during fall, that time of the year which experts believe is the perfect time for a weight loss plan. Starting with a healthy diet during fall will give you a better handle during the holidays. Marissa worked with Sarah Coburn, a certified fitness instructor and shed all the excess pounds. If you get more serious about reaching and maintaining an ideal weight, you have to get some solid exercise and eat lots of healthy and fresh local fruits and vegetables.

It is also important to recognize the reason for eating quality and quantity and how stress impacts on weight loss. In many cases, it is more mental than physical because life can be stressful and difficult. It is critical to identify hard times and to keep on working while making yourself the priority. Marissa understood about the demands on her time and her entrenched eating habits. She learned to accept that she deserved some time to step back from her responsibilities and take better care of herself.

Sometimes weight gain is due to lack of information regarding proper nutrition while growing up. Eating habits must be changed and comfort eating must be overcome. People with excess weight must work out and change their eating habits. Physical fitness becomes more important with age because the bones and muscles weaken the metabolism slows down.

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