How Will Delivery Hero Impact The Food Industry?

For a successful entrepreneur and restaurateur, Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan, believes that there should be no hunger person in the world because of the abundance of food and resources. The food industry is evolving as fast as people could catch up and the latest technological innovation in the industry comes in the form of a mobile app. The app is called Delivery Hero and it has penetrated the online food delivery scene.

The online market that specialized in food delivery is undeniably growing because many people prefer to use these online platforms mainly for convenience. Industry experts believe that the growth will continue for many years to come as this is where the trend is going.

Delivery Hero is considered to be one of the best companies in the online food delivery market. Through organic methods, the company has grown so much along with a number of acquisitions. The company believes that they will be able to reach their full potential if they cash in with the robust growth of the said trend in the food industry. Investors can also benefit with this grand opportunity by investing directly into the company. Those who desire to buy funds from Ecommerce EFT or EMQQ could also do so.

The headquarters of Delivery Hero is located in Berlin but it is operating in a number of countries where there is a possibility of an emerging market. As of writing, the company is now operational in more than 40 nations with focus on 4 geographic sectors that holds the current emerging markets. It has already partnered with more than 190,000 restaurants and manages more than a million orders daily.

The company is also present in South America according to Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan because it has been operating in countries such as Costa Rica, Brazil and Columbia. It has also reached nations in Asia including South Korea, Bangladesh and the Philippines. Delivery Hero can also be used in Europe countries like Serbia, Bulgaria and even Croatia. Let us not forget its influence in Africa and the Middle East such as Turkey, Jordan and Egypt.