Is Olympic Ready For E-Sports?

The e-sports industry is currently valued to be almost $1 billion. Recently, the 2018 Asia Games was held in Jakarta, Indonesia and teams played Arena of Valor, a popular video game. This game can also be bought through or from physical stores cheap CD keys. During the battle, the announcer of the game, Caro Wang, cannot contain his excitement as he announces what is going on in the online battlefield. He was with Jeff Chau, a fellow announcer who shares his enthusiasm with the video game.

The Asian Games is considered to be the biggest event to date for the competitive video gaming industry. According to industry experts, there is already a plan for e-sports to be included in the medal event of the 2022 Asian Games. In a surprising note, the International Olympic Committee has already said that they are thinking about an e-sports event during the upcoming Olympics.

The same week as the recently concluded Asian Games, unfortunate news reached the e-sports community wherein a gamer shot himself along with two victims during a video game competition in Florida. Once again, the incident brought to the spotlight the fact that the themes of most of the games played by e-athletes contain violence.

According to Thailand E-Sports Federation’s president’s executive secretary, Samart Benjamin Assarasakorn, there is not stopping the fact that the future of Olympics includes e-sports because the popularity of the competitive video gaming is soaring to new heights. He emphasized though that there is something that needs to be done with the issue of violence in the themes of the video games.

E-sports is basically playing video games in different platforms while indulged in a competitive setting, in a stadium for example. The industry is said that have an international revenues of $906 million in 2018. The amount is 38 per cent higher compared to the record by Newzoo, a marketing research company in Amsterdam, in 2017.

According to the report, $164 million of the said revenue came from Chine while $345 million is from players in North America. This is where there is a high percentage of buyers of cheap CD keys and players are actually spending money in in-game purchases aside from paying for games that cannot be downloaded for free.