Know About The Different Type of Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wraps and car wraps are trendy and are used for a lot of purposes like, protecting the original paint of the car, an affordable option for improving the aesthetic appeal of the car, to improve the resale of the vehicle or to advertise products and services. Whatever may be the reason, a well-designed and properly installed vehicle wrap looks trendy and unique. It attracts the attention of the viewers and also protects the car from scratches and dents.

There are different types and varieties of vehicle wraps in Brisbane to suit the specific model of your vehicles. Customers can choose from motorcycle wraps, car wraps, boat wraps, RV wraps, food truck wraps, custom truck wraps and fleet wraps depending upon the type of your vehicle and the purpose of opting for vehicle wraps.

Some of the commonly used vehicle wraps in Brisbane are

Full vehicle wraps – These wraps are used to cover the entire surface of the vehicle except the legally prohibited areas like the windshield and mirrors. These wraps are suitable for large trucks, vans and cars. Full vehicle wraps provide large space for advertising the brand and can be used as mobile billboards.

Partial vehicle wraps – Partial wraps cover only a specific area of the vehicle. These wraps are easy to design and install. Use of innovative graphics and attractive colours for designing partial vehicle wraps in Brisbane will ensure your brand attracts a lot of eyeballs. Partial wraps are suitable for increasing the visual appeal of a car or for advertising products of small businesses, who do not have budget for full vehicle wraps.

Reflective Vinyl wraps – if you want your vehicle wrap stand out even in the dark, invest in reflective vinyl wraps.  These wraps reflect the light of a vehicles headlights and make the wrap visible. The process of designing and installation is same as that of normal Vinyl wraps.

Fleet wraps – These wraps are useful for businesses who own a fleet of vehicles used for different purposes like marketing, picking up employees and delivery. Well-designed fleet wraps contain the brand logo of the business and help the employees and customers of the business to identify the vehicles. Most of the companies dealing with vehicle wraps in Brisbane also provide fleet wraps for businesses.