Lack Of Sleep Associated To Initial Symptoms Of Heart Problems

Bed stores Perth have fully functional beds which can help a person get adequate sleep. Sleeping inadequately risks a person’s cognition and emotional function. Aside from this, a recent study proves that for adults ages 20-40, lack of sleep may also lead to initial signs of heart problems.


A journal about heart diseases found that extreme hours of sleep, too much or too little was linked to increased calcium levels in heart arteries. The poor sleeping conditions were also related to arterial rigidity.


According to Dr. Chan-Won Kim, co-author of the journal, poor sleeping habits is a frequent problem and a probable cause of illnesses such as myocardial infarction.


Plenty of prior researches have established that extreme hours of sleep are related to the risk of diseases of the heart and veins. However, the reason for the link is not clear.


A group of researchers did an investigation to assess the cardiovascular condition of persons as compared to their sleeping condition.


Calcium deposits in heart arteries point to premature coronary injuries. Individuals who had 5 hours or less a day had more artery calcium by 50 percent compared to those who slept for 7 hours.


On the other hand, participants who slept 9 or more hours every day had as much as 70 percent more calcium in the artery equated to those with seven hours of sleep. Those who slept adequately, but with poor quality had 20 percent more calcium in the artery compared to those who had quality sleep.


Similar results were found when arterial stiffness was assessed.

The researchers uncovered similar findings when assessing arterial stiffness. Dr. Yosoo Chang, also a co-author of the journal reported that participants who slept poorly had firmer arteries than those who had seven hours of sleep or had quality sleep. Overall results had shown that adults who slept 7 hours a day and reported good quality of sleep had the least occurrence of blood vessel diseases.


The creators of the journal noted that there may be several factors for the results. Poor quality and quantity of sleep is linked with plenty of heart and blood vessel diseases like hypertension and damaged sugar metabolism.