Latin America As The 2nd Most Improved Region In Global Travel And Tourism

The Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report for 2017 that was carried out by the World Economic Forum has revealed the list of the world’s best ranked countries. The measure for competitiveness was based on a “set of factors and policies that enable the sustainable development of the travel and tourism sector.” Travel and tourism should also contribute to the competitiveness of a country.

Based on the report, the travel and tourism sector that generated more than 41 million international arrivals in 2015 had an average growth of 5%. Growth in the sector has the potential to generate more growth, to create more jobs, to promote development in countries and to improve their national economies.

Of the 136 countries across 14 separate dimensions, it was revealed that Latin America is the second most improved region globally. The 2017 index shows that Spain is leading in global ranking ahead of France and Germany but when emerging markets are considered including Latin America, the gap is quite close with the advanced economies.

Among the Latin American countries, Mexico maintains its leadership having gained position number 22 in global rankings. Other Latin American countries and their global positions include Brazil (27), Panama (35), Costa Rica (38), Chile (48), Argentina (50), Peru (51), Ecuador (57), Barbados (58) and Columbia (62).

However, there were countries in Central America whose rankings actually fell and became lower than the previous years. Guatemala’s rankings went down by 6 spots as well as El Salvador whose ranking went down by 6 spots because of security, infrastructure issues, political uncertainties and sustainability and human resources factors.

According to Roberto Crotti, Economist, Competitiveness and Risk, World Economic Forum, in spite its recent progress, Latin America’s competitiveness has to continue to bridge gaps in the quality and efficiency of its transport sector as well as find a better balance in developing T&T sectors while protecting the environment.

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