Latin Women To Dominate The Music Market

Karol G, a singer from Colombia, is one of the best examples of how difficult it is to penetrate the urban music scene in Latin America. The singer is only 27 years old but she knows how to tough it out with the male artists despite her sleek appearance. She is one of the inspirations of the women at because she came out stronger than when she started in the industry a decade ago.

When she started in her hometown Medellin, she was carrying the name Carolina Giraldo. She would go from one station to another just to showcase her mix tapes with R&B and reggae theme. She was not welcomed warmly because of her gender many were confused and some threw lewd propositions at her. It was enough to discourage one’s spirit but she is nothing but tough.

She said that during the time there were zero opportunities presented to her. The music industry is like a closed door and not one would welcome her music because they believe that the genre she has chosen is only suitable for men.

Thanks to her tenacity, she did not accept their judgment and continued to make urban music. For many years of seeing rejections, the music industry which focused on Spanish-speaking audiences is finally opening up to her. In 2017, Billboard’s Top Latin Albums listed her debut album called Unstoppable and it garnered the second spot. One of her songs, Ahora Me Llama, which is in collaboration with Bad Bunny was able to make it to Spotify’s Global 200. Earlier this year, she took a bigger break after being chosen by Major Lazer as the next artist for the remix of the song En La Cara.

Currently, Karol G is only one of the many women who are trying to penetrate the Latin industry, most especially the urban scene. Natti Natasha, an artist from Dominican Republic, took Hot Latin’s 6th spot with the song Criminal which she recorded with Ozuna. Becky G, a Mexican American, took the 3rd spot with Mayores which she made along with Bad Bunny’s help.

Anitta, a superstar from Brazil, took the 14th spot with a song made with J Balvin called Downtown. These artists are inspirations to many including women because they were able to enter the market which is previously thought to be for men only.