LED Lighting Systems For The Horticultural Sector

Traditionally the LED strip lighting 12v was used solely for backlighting, accent lighting and decorative lighting applications but with its increased luminous efficacy, it now being used for high brightness task lighting, UV violet inspection during the quality inspection process, indirect lighting and lighting for growing plants.

Smart Grow Systems has recently introduced Goldeni LED Horticultural lighting system that is intended to optimize propagation and flower cycles in vertical farming installation of crops like cannabis, orchids, hops and berries. Smart Grow Systems claims that their Goldeni LED lights can produce more biomass which is the typical goal of plant growers. Aside from a more effective use of space, LED lights will support faster cycles.

In crops like tomatoes that generally grow tall, LED or legacy lights are installed above the plant canopy as a primary source of radiometric energy indoors as well as a supplemental source for greenhouse. Crops like leafy greens and herbs in vertical farming that are stacked in racks will require LED lighting near the plant canopy.

Most of the manufacturers of LED lighting systems are targeting the plant grower that is why they have mimicked the form factor of the high intensity discharge (HID) lamps that are typically used for such applications. Aside from the LED strip lighting 12v, round horticultural lighting fixtures can be mounted above the plant to provide the much needed energy.

With the use LED-based lighting systems, vertical farming avoids the problems of heat. It allows dense stacking of layers of lettuce and herbs. Smart Grow Systems believes that the future of many commercial crops will be vertical farming and they are focused on building ultra-efficient lighting that will help plant growers realize the biomass potential of their available growth spaces. Different versions of LED lighting have been developed for different stages of the plant cycle.

An extensive range of LED lighting systems are available based on application and suitability from LED strip lighting 12vto high intensive LED strip lighting that can be used as an effective replacement for conventional lighting sources. New LED lighting systems are constantly developed and designed to further increase the product range.