Locksmith A Designer And Builder Of His Own Aircraft

Just when you thought you have seen everything in your daily commute, that’s when recent news shocked you –a locksmith is using an aircraft as his daily commuting vehicle. The first thing that makes this vehicles used by a Czech locksmith is that it occupies around four parking spaces compared to the usual vehicle.

The locksmith is Mr. Hadrava who is 45 years old. Despite the fact that his place is only 14 minutes away from his work place, he still finds the commute too long thus he decided to make his own aircraft which makes his travel time faster by half.

Mr. Hadrava is a resident of Zdikov which is located in Czech Republic and he is now using an ultralight plane made of wood as his daily commute to work. The plane was his design and creation which took him two years to finish.

Now, his flight to work is not even 7 minutes and according to him, it is cheaper to use his plane than to travel by car every day. If he uses his car, the commute distance by road is 15 km from his home to his work.

The aircraft was based on United States design of light aircrafts that were referred to as Mini-Max. His aircraft is called Vampira and according to estimates, Mr. Hadrava might have spent around 100,000 Czech Koruna or 3700 euros in building the aircraft.

The plane is consists of an open cockpit as well as a propeller that is driven by an engine with 3 cylinders which is made by a manufacturer in Czech called Verner.

Mr. Hadrava also revealed that the majority of the plane is made of wood and it can consume fuel by a rate of 6 liters of petrol for every hour. It also has a maximum speed of 91 miles per hour. He shared that his commute takes him around 12 to 14 minutes every day with the use of his car while with his plane it only takes about 4 to 5 minutes if he is to fly using a direct route but he is taking a detour because he does not want to cause disturbance to other people early every morning. Because of the detour, the trip takes around 7 minutes.

It only proves that he may be a locksmith but he can do other things as well and so is a locksmith from Perth or anywhere else in the world.