Marina Site In Venice The Next Spot For A Condo Developer

Mike Miller, a known real estate developer, is planning to build several condominiums on the marina property of Fisherman’s Wharf which is located in the northern part of the KMI Bridge. There are concerns regarding the construction as it might be a distraction to the preservation of the marina as well as the other existing commercial businesses in the area.

Miller has already acquired an agreement with Venice Marine Park, LLC on the first day of October this year. They had given him seven years to lease the 3.38 acre portion of the land which is located upland, a part of the total 7.88 acre property. This will give him the permission to build condominiums and he can also purchase the property if he chose to in the future.

As of the moment, these things are just part of the vision that Miller is picturing in his mind but there are no concrete plans yet. Part of his vision includes a parking building with 4 storey dedicated to residential units between 32 and 38. According to Miller, his condo projects will not be similar to the condo projects built during the pre-recession wherein it has covered the marina. Instead, it will be situated to make sure that the waterfront will remain open.

He also added that many places will remain to the public such as the parking near the water, marina, boardwalk, restaurant and the retail.

There is a latest addition to the commercial businesses in the old Marker 4 location, the Dockside Waterfront Grill. Their normal operating hours will continue as well as the boat rental, the dive shop and the remaining commercial tenants.

The company owned by Miller, Fisherman’s Wharf of Venice LLC is planning to build new roofs as soon as possible for the waterfront grill and the commercial building next to it. This is despite the plan to replace the establishment with a new 2 storey building in the future.

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