Melanie Trump’s Skin Care Line And The Black Secret Behind It

According to a post by Melanie trump through her website, she created the Melania Skin Care Collection. She is now in a heated controversy online after it has been found out that her speech at the Republican Convention is quite similar to the speech Michelle Obama delivered a few years ago. Before her fame as the soon-to-be first lady in the event that Donald Trump wins the presidential election, many are not aware of that she has his very own anti-aging line. In fact, the skin care products have been in the market for four years already. She launched her very own line right after her partner Donald Trump decided to launch his own skin are line called BioCe but it has since been out of the market after a short lived success.

The skin care line is called the Melania Beauty Caviar Complexe C6 which is claimed to be a revolutionary line as it is created with the aid of technology. The main ingredient that is used in making these products is caviar which is derived from a cultured sturgeon farm located at the southern part of France. We might not be able to determine what a cultured sturgeon but we hope that the ingredient is effective. The skin care line is enclosed in a Baroque jar that is gold plated.

Before anyone jumps into conclusion, let us remember one of the articles published by New York Magazine and how caviar is used unjustly in skin care products. Based on information published by How Stuff Works, fresh caviar can be derived by plucking it out of a live fish. This process is done by stunning the sturgeon on the head and opening it while it is still alive. This is not a good thing to be done on cultured fishes. There are no other safe ways to gather caviar so what are the other methods used by Melanie in obtaining the fish eggs? This information was not divulged to the public.

In order to avoid being part of a process of cruelty, it is important to buy only organic and award winning skin care that is devoted to using natural raw materials obtained in the safest way possible.