Melbourne Homes Suffering From Termite Plague

Australian homeowners are always weary of infestations thus they hire termite inspection in Sydney before purchasing a property to make sure it is free from damages. In another part of the country, homes in Melbourne are suffering from termite attacks and experts say that the major reason for these infestations is the nonstop expansion.

The previous year, locals were able to experience a wet spring which is the most desirable condition for termites to thrive. The same condition is the reason why there is a current plague of termites in the city.

According to Rentokil, a specialist in pest extermination, a list was submitted to Fairfax Media which contains the top spots in Melbourne where termites are in high concentration.

Looking at the number of ongoing contracts for termite removal in every suburb,it is obvious that there are a high number of white ant cases recorded in the city.

Number one on the list is the suburb of Werribee, Mernda on the second spot and Hoppers Crossing and Truganinaare tied as one on the third spot.

Luke Moore, an expert in termites, is of opinion that the three suburbs on the top of the list are sites where new homes are constructed on what was used to be untouched territories of termites.

Mr. Moore said that development is the major reason why termites breed in sites where termite control is not conducted before until the start of constructions.

Suburbs located in the north eastern part of the city is susceptible to termite attacks because they have areas where the bush lands are dense and it is also the same site where the number of housing has increased in number.

Mr. Moore explained that these areas are ideal because it is the natural homes of termites and a high volume of homes made of timber.

One of the hotpots is Port Melbourne and the houses in this area are constructed close to the ground and moisture.

Buyers of properties in Melbourne and Sydney should hire contractors for termite inspection in Sydney to ensure that no infestation is present.