Michigan Growth Capitalism Symposium To Host Startup Companies

One of the many requirements of setting up a business is to know how to get a tax ID in Michigan and this is something that the participants of the Michigan Growth Capital Symposium have already accomplished. It is expected that the event will host over 400 investors, entrepreneurs, service providers as well as researchers. The event will be hosted at the Marriott Resort located in Ypsilanti. For two days, May 15 and 16, the 37th Michigan Growth Capital Symposium will be the host of many startup businesses from other states.

The main highlight of the event is the pitches coming from 32 companies that are aiming to get a capital. Majority of these companies are startups coming from the Midwest region while there are also a number coming from Kansas, California and Colorado.

The list of presenters expected during the event is as follow:

  • SpinTech Inc. from Detroit which specializes in desiging software for MRI processing which aims to improve the diagnosis of stroke, dementia and brain injury that resulted from trauma therefore treating it better.
  • OXX Inc. based in Grand Rapids will present regarding their rugged appliances such as coffee makers. These appliances can be used in challenging situations while on the job or during travel and holidays.
  • NoMo Diagnostics from Chicago will present their creation which is a concussion diagnostic that is intended for military as well as athletes which provide real time data.
  • Trillium Secure Inc. from Sunnyvale California is a cybersecurity professional that specialized in Internet of Things. The main goal is to protect the automotive systems as well as networks for any incoming cyberattacks.
  • Novadiol Inc. is from Kansas City in Kansas and is a pharmaceutical company that created drugs that are protected by patents. The drugs are made to cure conditions related to chronic kidney disease.
  • Collabtic which is from Detroit is a developer of applications as well as platforms that are intended for the imaging and printing sector.

Entrepreneurs hoping to be a part of next year’s symposium should learn how to get a tax ID in Michigan in order to legalize their operation in the state.