Monsanto’s Mock Trial Held At The Hague

The Hague, located in the Netherlands, will be the host of the international trial against Monsanto which is an agrochemical corporation. The tribunal started last October 14 until October 16 and the trial was only considered as a symbolic act since it is not a legal proceeding. According to the organizers though, they will be using international standards of the law during the mock trial. Monsanto, on the other hand, have not participated because they claimed that the trial was staged and the outcome is already decided. Monsanto is considered one of the biggest names when it comes to agrochemical and is now on its way to being overtaken by Bayer which is a big name in the pharmaceutical market.

Monsanto was founded back in 1901 and since then the company has already released a number of products that the company knows is dangerous and will have negative effects on human as well as the environment. In the last two decades, the company has been accused of coercing people into patronizing their new technology which involves food that are genetically engineered. They have evolved into one of the most despised company in the world because of the dirty tricks they have played on consumers and farmers alike. The company then decided to partner with Bayer in order to merge the two companies and dissolve the name Monsanto in attempt to make the people forget about their bad reputation.

During the mock trial, activists from around North and South America and Europe have come together for the 3 day event. This is in an attempt to rally the public behind them to make a move against genetically engineered food. This is also their way of catching the attention of the World Court in Hague so the case will be picked up.

Monsanto was not able to participate at the mock trial because they claimed that the result was already decided before the event has started. Since the company is known as one of the most unpopular, they are anxious to start the merging with Bayer and drop their current name. There were invitations sent to the company through a process server but Monsanto decided not to show up.