New Travel Destinations For Authentic Travel Experiences

Travellers seem to be shifting from traditional sightseeing and picture-taking trips to authentic travel experiences, trying on different recreational activities and getting to know various cultures first-hand.


If you are an experienced diver looking for marvellous diving locations, this might just be right up your alley. Enjoy Cocos Islands, Bahamas, Raja Ampat, the Galapagos, or Similan liveaboard programmes, which allow you to travel on a luxury yacht and enjoy various locations for a beautiful dive. You can also experience snorkelling with whales in Tonga and exploring the Dominican Republic’s diving sites.

Ship Wreck Diving

The Red Sea is home to some famous shipwrecks including the SS Thistlegorm. This war grave also acts as an underwater museum and a monument in military history since it sank.

In June 1941, it set its sail for the last time to Alexandria, carrying wartime supplies. In October of the same year, it sank as two bombs, splitting the ship in half, hit it. The bombs not only damaged the ship, but also ignited its cargo, including armoured vehicles, jeeps, trucks, tanks, and aircraft. Divers who go shipwreck diving in the Red Sea could see these—a part of human history kept underwater, entwined in corals and other marine life.

Visiting Indigenous Tribes

Located in Peru, the Yaguas are one of the Amazon’s native tribes. They have around 4,000 to 6,000 members left, and meeting them is considered a rare opportunity for travellers to see and experience their culture.

The Yaguas wear grass skirts and paint their faces with red dye from berries to hide themselves in the jungle. They use blow darts in hunting, and even perform stunts for visitors. Travellers may also see atunas, a traditional performance of dancing and drum beats that have been passed on from one generation to the next. They are also one of the few tribes who were able to preserve their native language up to the 21st century, with some of their children speaking Yagua exclusively. They way that they preserve their culture and language is a must-see for many.

Whether you like shipwreck diving, Similan liveaboard trips, or visiting indigenous tribes, these trips would surely elevate your understanding of the world and deepen your appreciation for its beauty.