OSU Welcomes Back International Interior Design Association

The IIDA or International Interior Design Association is a group of millennials who are passionate in learning about interior design and make use of Legos as well as The Sims as their training ground and then applies those learning in real life.

The International Interior Design Association is an organization that was established by the Oregon State University. It is made up of 20 interior designers who are under the interior design program of Oregon State University. Looking back three years before, the club is not even alive and no member to boast of.

According to the Vianka Ayala, the president of IIDA, there was a time when the group was not active. It was about three years ago when the club went active but then all the members are already in their senior year. After the members graduated, the club was no longer active and no one took interest.

Despite the fact that everyone have almost given up on bringing the club back, there was one member of the International Interior Design Association who is determined to keep it active. It was Harry Armstrong who decided to step and then took over the club.

Armstrong started by approaching another fellow designer, namely Erin Bernot, because of the desire to bring the club back to life. Together they reestablished the goals of the International Interior Design Association and started recruiting people in their level who are interested to join the club.

According to Ayala, it was two years ago when Harry Armstrong approached her and said that he likes to restart the club. He asked Ayala if she is interested in helping.

The biggest challenge that many clubs inside the Oregon State University face is the lack of desire to keep the organizations going. On a statement made by the coordinator for clubs and organizations, Dante Holloway, he admitted that the struggles of the clubs stemmed from the lack of leadership and roles are not assigned properly.

This is what the new interior designers’ member did upon joining the organization, they created structure and assigned leadership roles and then they were able to take on design projects which helped them hone their skills as a group.

Interior designer in Thailand faces the same challenges and they were able to overcome it because of their desire to design spaces.