“Overfat” As The New Global Pandemic

At least 76% of the world’s population or 5.5 billion people are “overfat” a category that includes people who have normal weight but with increased risks of succumbing to chronic disease. Researchers say that “overfat” is the new pandemic that has overtaken the planet and requires global health efforts against chronic and metabolic diseases.

Researchers from Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand have put forward the definition of “overfat” as a condition of having sufficient excess body fat to compromise health. Philip Maffetone of MAFF Fitness in Australia says that the new pandemic has not spared those who exercise and compete in sports. If you will look at current data, there are two groups: the overweight and obese and the “overfat” category that includes people with normal weight.

While the number of people who are overweight or obese have increased considerably over the last 3 to 4 decades, it is very likely that there are higher numbers of people who have unhealthy levels of body fat. Maffetone wants people to be aware of the risk factors. “Overfat” and “underfat” are new descriptions for body compositions and Maffetone hopes that these words will be commonly used to help in creating substantial improvements in world health.

The work of Ivan Rivera-Dominguez, research assistant at MAFF and Paul B. Laursen, an adjunct professor at the Auckland University of Technology indicates that 9% to 10% of the world’s population can be considered “underfat.” The condition of “underfat” that is linked to starvation is dropping rapidly but it is still a global concern.

In an ageing population, the increase in chronic disease is particularly noticeable. The number of excessive exercisers and those with anorexia athletic is increasing the population of non-starving “underfat” individuals. This means that only 14% of the world’s population has normal body fat percentage with fewer risks of chronic diseases.

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