Pentagram Rebrands Poetry Foundation

Michael Bierut and his New York-based Pentagram team has recently finished rebranding the US-based The Poetry Foundation, with a new branding that shows off the organization’s new ‘evolving’ logo, which is designed to be a versatile form of word art; able to accommodate any number of typefaces, which is symbolic of how versatile and limitless poetry is.

The Poetry Foundation is a literary group and publisher based on Chicago, that was founded in 2003, as an offshoot of the Poetry magazine, which is a long-running publication still in print since its first release in 1912. The Foundation’s primary goal is to generate attention for the artistic form that is poetry.

The rebranding was led by Bierut, which gives the Foundation a new identity, and a brand new print design for Poetry magazine, which accommodates different typefaces and styles for the logo, as well as the Poetry magazine’s cover. The brand is the word ‘POETRY’ split into two columns across three rows, which is the standard form of the logo. Bierut says that this standard is sort of a mold, which takes on different forms, to appear as both formal and informal, bold and delicate, and constantly changing and flexible, much like poetry.

The aim, according to Bierut, was to use word art to generate a visual identity for The Poetry Foundation that can reflect the ‘endless variations’ that exist within poetry, and how poetry always looks to change and be new. Bierut says that in poetry, even classical forms such as sonnets and haikus utilize varying structures, leading to words being presented to the reader in the poem’s unique way.

Bierut says that the current brand identity is potentially limitless, an idea echoed by the Pentagram team, which has managed to come up with five years’ worth of magazine covers from the simple, bi-column design.

This new identity, however, doesn’t throw aside the history of the magazine, seeing as it harkens back to the 20th century covers, which were relied solely on word art and typography.

The standard form uses emboldened sans-serif Gibson typeface, with Pietro taking its place for the body copies.

The new visual identity is currently being used by the magazine and the foundation online, across its printed releases, and merchandise. In addition to this rebranding, Studio Fuzzy Math also designed a brand new website for The Poetry Foundation.