Perovskites To Be Used To Make Transparent Solar Cells For Windows

Solar panels have proved to be revolutionizing the renewable energy field in the past decade. The use of solar power to provide electricity for individuals has risen greatly and hence it is being a great deal of importance. In a new research report, solar cells have been made transparent, allowing them to be placed on windows. This allows for the harvesting of much more energy from the Sun than previously thought. Although rooftops are the optimum places to keep these renewable energy devices, they may also be placed on the sides of houses to collect more energy. Now with the help of perovskites, this may actually become a possibility.

Perovskites, in layman’s terms are also known as solar paint. A Japanese team first recognized the potential of perovskites in solar energy harvesting as early as 2006, but it was only in the year of 2014 that a team in the University of Sheffield in England was able to make solar cells that could be coated on walls. However, in 2016, at the University of New South Wales, further improvements were made to these solar cells to increase the amount of electricity they produced. Dr.HoBaille was the lead researcher of this group and provided some important information as to the usability of this technology, stating that this technology can be used on many more application than just rooftops and solar farms to generate solar power on the Gold Coast. She states that these small devices can be made on flexible surfaces, and even for semi-transparent solar cells. This is a marked difference to the silicon solutions which only allowed the use of flat rigid opaque bodies for the collection of solar power.

Many silicon solar cell manufacturers who provide solar power on the Gold Coast might be alarmed at this news and might start to worry that their production lines might need to be stopped in the near future. However they need not fret. Dr.Baille notes that these two technologies can be used complementarily and this is exactly what one of her team’s goals is. They are working on the multiple coating of perovskites on silicon solar cells, to increase the overall electricity garnered by mating the two approaches.