Perth Contractor Steps In As WA Senator

Peter Georgiou, an electrical contractor in Perth, has officially taken his post as the One Nation party’s WA Senator, replacing his brother-in-law Rodney Culleton, after the latter was declared as an unviable representative and subsequently removed from Parliament earlier this year.

These proceedings follow the motion carried by the High Court earlier this February with its invalidation of Mr. Cullenton’s election. The latter proceeding was due to Mr. Cullenton’s current status at the time, as he was convicted of larceny during his election, which would immediately make him invalid for Parliament at the time, despite the fact that this ruling was later annulled.  According to the High Court, the timeframe of his election coincided with his conviction of larceny by the Armidale Local Court during March of the preceding year, which was an offence that carried imprisonment greater than or equal to a year’s time.

The declaration of bankruptcy of Mr. Cullenton by the Federal Court has also been recently finalized following the proceedings which started early January, but is somewhat redundant as the High Court’s ruling is final and irrevocable.

Mr. Culleton has not appreciated these turn of events, attempting to have the proceedings adjourned, and provided a defence, stating why the proceedings should be delayed. This was refused by the court, which stated that Mr. Cullenton has failed to give a logical basis as to why the proceedings should be adjourned, and that his reasoning was flawed and irrelevant to the matter at hand.

The leader of One Nation, Pauline Hanson, however, has stated more appreciation of these events, stating growing arguments between her and Mr. Cullenton made her glad to see his removal and subsequent departure. She states that she sees promise for the electrical contractor in Perth, Mr. Georgiou, which she believes will provide a grounded, real-world perspective for the Parliament, and provide the Australian people a more approachable, relatable representative that understands their needs.

Mr. Cullenton has expressed his disappointment at his former party, claiming that they have acted unbecomingly for representatives of the Australian people.