Relocation Of The Dementia Unit Under Giles Court

The services of furniture removals in Sydney are common in the city because it helps many to have a hassle-free relocation. This is the case with the dementia unit in Giles Court when it started relocating on May this year. They hire a removal van that will transport the belongings inside the facility and relocate it to Kenmore where the new one is located.

The dementia unit for elderly patients is consists of 16 beds and all will be transferred to Kenmore where the David Morgan Centre is.

The Local Health District was able to raise the topic of the move at the beginning of the year but there are still those who are concerned because Goulburn will no longer have mental health beds available.

According to the Southern NSW Local Health District’s spokesperson, there are three clients that will be transferring to Kenmore from their space in Giles Court.

Despite this decision, no one will lose their job and there will be no deduction of mental health beds as well.

The spokesperson added that all 16 beds that are previously in Giles Court have been moved to the new facility. This means that no bed numbers is lost during the process. This is because the beds under Giles Court have not been declared as per the Mental Health Act.

The beds will still be servicing those patients who are in need of assessment as well as those that exhibits complex behaviours related to mental conditions and dementia that are deemed to be managed.

The beds will have a new spot next to the aged mental health beds located in Kenmore. This move is done to increase the level of clinical service provided to patients. They will now be cared for in a single location thus integrated care is provided.

This should be treated as good news because the new location has a better facility when it comes to physical interactions and amenity for patients is better.

The move was already completed and furniture removals in Sydney that was hired for the move was able to deliver all the belongings needed for the new facility.