State Not Conducting Investigations On Funeral Home’s Misconduct

It is a hard time for the entire family when a member passes away but what adds to the burden is the action of the funeral home during this time of mourning.

According to FOX6, majority of the complaints that are filed against funeral homes located in Wisconsin are not given enough attention and no investigations are done, When mistakes are committed by these funeral homes, they held very minimal liability for what occurred.

A statement from Melody Williams expressed her disappointment that they got a crappy treatment during the funeral proceeding just because they were not able to afford a higher package like the others who are able to pay between $8,000 and $10,000.

She recounted how Lillie Williams, her mother, loves to take a selfie. She was almost 97 years when she passed away because of dementia which she has been battling with.

Williams shared her mother’s wish which is a straight burial and no service. Her mother also told her that she want to be buried while wearing her favorite outfit. The problem is that the funeral home will not touch or dress her mother’s body because she is not able to pay for embalming – according to the state law of Wisconsin, this is not a requirement.

Williams was very disappointed that her 96 years old mother was not able to get the burial she wanted and her last wish was not granted because of the refusal of the funeral homes.

Upon reviewing the state records, the case of Williams is just one of the many families in Wisconsin that have complained against the local funeral homes before. Dozens of grieving families have filed a complaint. There are many issues stated such as the wrong body was given, lost remains, using a second hand casket and cremating bodies without the consent of the family.

A number of funeral homes all over the state have been filed with complaints regarding their wrongdoing but not much consequence is given. The problem lies with the state because they chose to close the cases without investigations.

If you are choosing Funeral Directors in Perth, make sure that you do a background check for any open cases against them.